about us / about the brand

CH-Unity is a conceptual clothing brand that we founded in 2017 in Łódź. 

It was created out of the desire to create unique products and share the values that constantly drive us to act.

The main inspiration for each collection that is created is our experience of faith and ideas that we transfer in a subtle and non-intrusive way to the created products.

We believe that in this way we can bring together with you and build a space of love, goodness and mutual respect between people all over the world.


The originator and designer of the brand is Agnieszka Dębecka-Murzyniak, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, finalist of the Golden Thread competition for designers. She co-founded the Cock'nbullstory brand. It is from her hands that the unique character and design of the products comes out the result of her original search and love for color, form and detail.

We create a brand as a family, using the facilities of our pattern room and sewing room.
Artur, Agnieszka's husband, an engineer by education, makes sure that all of the above assumptions create a coherent and lasting business.
We learn all the time, we change something all the time, all in order to create a good product and a community of people who will appreciate its uniqueness and value.




The clothing we create belongs to the premium urban wear segment. The recipients of Ch-Unity are both women and men who value good design and quality of their clothing, focusing on a timeless look, not temporary trends.

  • Collection and products concept - each collection (Chapter) has a unique inspiration that comes from our heart and values. We transfer them in a symbolic way to our clothes in the form of original prints, special decorations and accessories.
  • Multifunctional design - many of our products can be worn in different ways thanks to additional features such as detachable sleeves, additional press studs, adjustable drawstrings. All this gives customers the opportunity to find an individual look and match clothes to their needs, depending on the context, mood or occasion.
  • Materials - we love to combine outer materials with other high-quality certified fabrics from around the world (including Japan, Italy, Portugal). We search for them at international fairs in Poland and compose a product with a long service life.
  • We produce in our own sewing room - it guarantees the high quality of the manufactured clothing. We attach great importance to the most aesthetic decoration techniques and sewing technology. We have been doing this for 15 years, creating various types of products from scratch.  

The processes of manufacturing our clothes, carried out in accordance with Polish and international law, provide decent working conditions and jobs. We limit the negative impact on the environment by reducing overproduction and creating a durable product for years.


How we think is reflected in the mission we formulated at the very beginning of the brand's creation:
Our mission is to communicate faith, love and hope by building unity instead of creating division.


Love and mercy inspire to reveal the goodness in each of us. Everyone is reflection of Love.
We believe that is a fundamental truth that unites our hearts in the world of polyphonic norms and disintegration.
We are all pilgrims on our journey to overcome the fear of differences and isolation. 
Our mission is to convey faith, love and hope through walking together instead of creating divisions.

Collection concepts:
Chapter I: The REASON
Chapter II: SKENE