Chapter 02 / AW / SKENE

The collection refers to the Icon of the Nativity as a symbol of the Light that shone over all nations. It talks about God's closeness to us and our response to His presence, about seeking, accepting or rejecting.
The materials used refer to a barren, raw and natural place. Hence, the collection is dominated by nylon fabrics (recycled, waterproof), woolen fabrics and materials with a paper handle.
Individual cotton fabrics have antibacterial properties, as well as an admixture of viscose and micromodal.
The colors of the clothes are khaki, beige, navy blue and various shades of red.
The print, like the color, refers to the rocky, dry, ground, also dark place, where life is born. It also speaks of the presence of a god (eskenosen- to pitch a tent) among us and of his humanity (double-tipped mountain). He as an inalienable light, available in all of us.
John 1, 4-12